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Millennium Music

This music software provider company was established in 1992 with an unmatched vision that a combination of computers coupled with technology would enable even the naÔve music lovers and composers to create their own music. The products by Millennium Music UK based business provides a great platform for music composers at the convenience of their own personal studio. The expertise of this much recognized software providers has extended over their operations of fifteen plus years to refereeing into various aspects like the testing, advising, comparing, making specifications and helping hundreds of thousands of music lovers. The dependable elite groups of persons include, but not limited to those from various backgrounds in music like the music composers, DJs, teachers, producers, students, etc. who achieves their goals with these innovative software packages from Millennium Music. This business has had enough experience to provide guidance to anyone through the maze of their products so that people can get the results that they await, even within the first attempt. This provider facilitates demonstration centers where the potential buyers can view products and try them out. They provide cutting edge products so that their customer base is satisfied with latest products available.


MusicOnMyPC is a one stop dependable source of products related to all software, hardware, keyboards and instruments along with accessories in the markets of UK. People can enjoy producing their own music on their PC with their easy to use state of the art software product. They have an understanding gained through expertise and market leadership about the level of motivation and learning one can facilitate themselves by composing own music. The various things for which their music could be used are the composition, accompaniment to play musical instruments, notation, and much more. Whatever is the nature of instrument interest of the user or their style, computer composed music can be a great way to achieve learning as well as motivation. Their products are different compared to the ones found at the traditional music shops focusing on their core markets to a great extent. Their high-tech music emporiums are enchanting, intimidating and above all, overwhelming. The company aim is to develop into comprehensive supplier of technology products related to music.

Cambron Software

Cambron Software is out with their innovative music software in the markets of UK to make provision of a better way for music lovers. The users can tune into this companyís products so that they do not have to carry books and folders for composing music or playing one from their favorite notation. It facilitates annotation of the userís music and their chord sheets. The music notes could be displayed on full screen and chord sheets can be transposed. There is also a possibility to import from the new file format called PMzip. There can also be purchase made of the traditional song books online. The best part is that confusion amongst band members could be avoided by making them read musical notes from the very same page. It is a delight for any musician to get acquainted with the Cambron Software newly featured music management software.

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